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 Established in 1994, Anqing Lush Paper Industry Limited Company is a specialized manufacturer of all kinds of disposable paper cups. Our company has passed the standard attestation of SGS and obtained the certification of ISO9001 and the authority of import and export. Based on a 20,000-square-meter warehouse, our production capacity reaches 2 million pieces of paper cups each day. And our daily output of paper bowls is about 1 million pieces.

   Since the establishment, our company has persisted in the production and management concept of 'green, quality, innovative, united and aggressive'; has introduced advanced production equipment for paper products from foreign countries constantly. In order to meet different international demands, we have put considerable efforts on the continuous research and development of innovative products. Relying on beautiful designs, wide varieties, great quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and excellent service, our products are selling well in North America, Europe and Australia markets.

   We will persist in the concept of "meeting challenge, exploiting future, innovation and environmental protection" all the time to create quality enterprise; and will continue providing more and better services and products for customers. 


Anqing Lush Paper Industry Co.,Ltd-Hot drink Paper cups